Samatapheap Khnom Organization (SKO) is a Cambodian NGO dedicated to improving the living conditions of the poorest and most vulnerable families in Cambodia through the provision of programs that promote human rights and support access to services which maximize the potential for sustainable development in an informed and participatory manner.
He/she will be responsible for facilitating SKO activities by managing Family Development Approach in the Family Development Programme of SKO, ensuring smooth functioning of operations and continued improvement.
SKO is seeking capable people for position 1 Project coordinator, and 4 social workers.
Position: 1 Project coordinator
– Implement activities based on the orientations given by PM/ED
– Coordinate the report written by team leaders, check data and their consistency, consolidate the area reports in the FDP monitoring tool
– Ensure monitoring tools of all project activities and processes are understood and completed accurately (trainings, and checking).
– Write the regular internal reports (Quarterly/semester and yearly) and submit them to the ED/PM, support the ED/PM in the writing of other reports, or and proposal when needed
– Ensure surveys of target areas are implemented effectively (written, distributed, result analyzed)
– Field visits to identify problems, assist where needed, link monitoring to fieldwork
– Provide technical support for the Senior Social Worker, and or Team leaders
– Support Senior Social Worker, and or Team leaders in case conference/internal meetings when needed or asked.
– Conduct/facilitate training on specific social work components to the Senior Social Worker, and or Team leaders/ Social Workers and other relevant actors.
– Create guidelines/manuals for specific topics of training related to social work (eg. Family Budget, ..)
– Monitor, update the monitoring training follow up tool and share it with ED
– Attend meetings as directed by PM / ED & write minutes or report
– Coordinate and update the NGO of SKO referral partners for keeping good collaboration/referral due to the need and or requested by team leader or social work.
– Assist ED/PM for the production of reports and tools in Khmer/English
– Update and assist ED/PM to update tools for the FDP Multi Country project
– Communicate regularly problems, successes and results with SKO director and FDP Project Manager (can be informal)
– Give feedback to Project Manager / Director after attending a training / workshop,
– Draft reports for donors using the template provided (quantitative and qualitative)
– Be honest with family, team member and her/himself
– Respect SKO philosophy and internal rules

• Relevant degree in management of social work/ family development/ child protection, etc.
• At least 3-5 years’ experience in management of social work mobilization
• Excellent facilitation skills
• Experience proposal report writing;
• High creativities innovation;
• Requirement English proficiency;
• Bachelor degree up;
• High commitment social work/to work in urban poor community ;
• Good team work;
• Highly motivated individuals excellent written verbal communication skills;
• Exhibit levels personal integrity;
• Have ability deliver set objectives, influence, inspire confidence build trust all levels the organization;
• Non-judgmental and open minded

Position: 4 social workers

– Follow up 28- 30 families for an average period of 6 months
– Explains clearly to the families the purpose of the social work and Family Development programme
– Understand properly the family situation (mainly by listening)
– Make sure that all the skills (Listen, Observe, Ask, responding, give feedback, problem analysis skills) are applied with the family
– Be able to manage the case load as required (recruit new families/Phasing Out/follow up/refer)
– Complete the follow up tools in time and submit them to the database encoder.
– Providing information/counselling to people from community at SKO local social center and record in social center monitoring report.

– Maintain good relationship with local international NGOs and local authorities (within and out side the target intervention)
– Assist team leaders /project coordinator (PC) to contact/organize the coordination meeting in the local level.
– Assist team leader/PC to visit the different agencies based on the need of the families
– Assist team leader/PC to conduct any meeting in the local level

– Give useful information to the family and based on the needs of the family
– Refer the families to other agencies when needed

– Share the information with other team members during conducting the case conference/meeting
– Give/share the information after attending any training or meeting
– Assist to keep and maintain relevant record books, monitoring (triangular exercise, minutes book, …)
– Monthly report to team leader
– Communicate more often with the team leader / Project Coordinator about results and any difficulty
– Keep good relationship with team leader and team members
– Participate in SKO communication by providing regularly family stories (at least 1 per year)
– Honesty with family, team member and her/himself
– Respects SKO philosophy and internal rules

• Relevant degree in social work/ family development/other social work, etc.
• 1-2 years’ experience in social work mobilization
• Good facilitation skills
• Proficient English- able to read and write
• Non-judgmental and open minded

Closing date: 5 p.m., August 10th, 2018.

How to apply: Please send your CVs and Cover Letter to Only short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview. No documents will be returned. Hard copy applications will not be accepted.
Contact phone: 012 78 12 03 / 096 3 1111 20

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